Common sense of emergency lighting!

Fire emergency lighting is a fire-fighting facility that we often come into contact with in life. In public places, we can usually see various fire emergency lighting. So next, I will introduce emergency lighting fixtures.

 fire emergency lighting

The role of fire emergency lighting

Fire emergency lighting will be installed in crowded places, such as hospitals, communities, shopping malls, office buildings and other areas. Its main function is to provide lighting for places where people still need to work during evacuation and fire. Ensure that personnel evacuation and rescue operations proceed smoothly. To put it simply, when the power is off, the fire emergency lighting can still work normally and the lighting time is not less than 90 minutes.

Types of fire emergency lighting

There are many types of fire emergency lighting lamps. In an emergency state, emergency lighting lamps are needed. Common fire emergency lighting lamps include: fire emergency double-headed lights, fire emergency downlights, fire emergency ceiling lights, and fire emergency light panels.

Installation of fire emergency lighting

According to the requirements of the installation, the installation should meet the following regulations:

1. The lighting can be installed with recessed ceiling, ceiling and hoisting installation;

2. The lighting should be installed on the ceiling;

3. When conditions are restricted, the lighting can be installed on the side wall of the walkway and meet the following requirements:

(1) The installation height should not be between 1m-2m from the ground;

(2) When installing on the side wall below 1m from the ground, ensure that the light shines below the horizontal line of the lamp.

4. Lighting lamps should not be installed on the ground.

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