Is it possible to automatically cut off the emergency power supply in case of fire to make the battery of the emergency light off and light up?

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Article 4.9.2 of "Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System" GB50116-2013 stipulates: "When a fire is confirmed, the fire emergency lighting and evacuation instruction system of the evacuation channel of the whole building shall be started sequentially starting from the fire alarm area. The start time of the emergency state should not be longer than 5s." When there is an automatic fire alarm system, is it possible to automatically cut off the emergency power supply in case of a fire so that the battery that comes with the emergency light is turned off and lit?

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Answer: Emergency lighting is generally powered by normal or backup power supply. When the lighting is ensured, the battery of the emergency power supply is charged. In the case of not sure whether the battery of the emergency light is in good condition, blindly cutting off the external power supply violates the guarantee of fire protection. The requirements for the reliability of electricity supply are inappropriate; the system on pages 38 and 42 of Atlas 14X505-1 mainly explains that the fire emergency lights powered by AC220V power should cut off the AC220V power when receiving the emergency lighting signal. Considering the safety of firefighters, when the DC24V power supply is used, the power supply may not be cut off, and the lamp is lit under the main power state. When the output circuit of the emergency lighting distribution box has no power, the lamp is turned into the emergency lighting state.

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