What is the difference between T5 and T8 LED tubes?

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With more and more types of LED lamps, many people do not know what is the difference between LEDT5 and T8 lamps. Now, let's take a look!

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The size of LEDT5 tube and LEDT8 tube are different. The size of the T8 tube is 26MM, while the size of the T5 tube is smaller, 16MM, and the diameter of the T5 tube is also smaller.

LEDT5 lamps use rare earth tri-color phosphors. Compared with T8 lamps in terms of energy consumption, LEDT5 lamps are more energy efficient, so choosing T5 lamps is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than T8 lamps.

If T8 and T5 lamps are compared in terms of service life, T5 lamps have a longer life. Because the T5 tube uses new technology, the loss rate becomes lower, so the life is longer.

Similarly, the two are different in brightness. Because the T5 tube is smaller in size and has less brightness when energized, the T8 tube is brighter. If you choose a bright lamp, choose T8, choose a darker lamp, choose T5.

T8 and T5 lamps are also different in use and location. T8 lamps are generally used in public areas, factories, hospitals and other places, and they are almost always more likely; T5 lamps are more commonly used in the field of home improvement.

Therefore, when choosing these two kinds of lamps, we must choose according to our own needs, and according to their own characteristics, choose the most suitable one.

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