Installation and maintenance of emergency lights and precautions for use

Installation and maintenance of emergency lights and precautions for use

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Precautions for use

1. It is necessary to accurately grasp the characteristics of various wiring methods, so as to avoid blind wiring, which will not work properly.

2. If emergency lighting is used as part of the usual lighting, a three-wire controllable connection method should be adopted;

3. For multi-story public buildings, if there is no consumer control center, the emergency lighting fixtures in various parts can be controlled by three-wire connection method with local switch control or centralized control in the distribution box;

4. There is a fire control center project. In order to meet the fire emergency lighting requirements of the fire floor and related floors, the fire control center can be opened when a fire occurs.

Installation and maintenance

1. In engineering design, in order to facilitate the usual maintenance and management, the fire emergency lighting is best to be powered by the electric circuit of the automatic emergency lighting lamp by the dedicated feed;

2. In order to ensure the reliability of the fire emergency lighting power supply, power should be supplied from the low-voltage emergency bus section of the transformer substation, that is, when a diesel generator set is used as an emergency power supply, as long as the generator is put into use, it will continue to have power powered by;

3. In a fire condition, there is less smoke and more oxygen near the ground, and the instinctual response of people to evacuation is to bend over or slap forward, so local high-illumination lighting is more effective than uniform illumination brought by high-level installation. Therefore, low-level installation should be promoted, that is, emergency evacuation lighting should be provided near the ground or at the ground level;

4. The emergency lights are delivered in the discharged state, and they must be charged for 20 hours before they can be discharged;

5. The emergency lighting in use should be regularly checked for performance, and continuous switching tests should be passed every half or one month to check the circuit conversion and emergency function of the battery, and discharge to extend the battery life;

6, do a good job of fire protection of power distribution lines, when laying in the non-combustible body structure, the protective layer thickness is not less than 30mm.

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